Site Terms & Conditions

Camping times

For the purpose of bookings, camping times count as being from 12.00 noon till 12.00 noon the following day.

Last Arrivals

New arivals will not be accepted after 6:00pm (unless pre-arranged with the Reception).


All bookings must be made in advance and paid for with a non-returnable Booking Fee of a minimum £20.00 or 25% of the total, whichever is the greater. Pitches cannot be guaranteed unless pre-booked.

Pitch tickets

Pitch tickets must be obtained from Reception before proceding to the appropriate camping area. Visitors pitching in the wrong area must either move to the correct area or pay any applicable extra charges when requested. Pitch tickets must be displayed at all times.

Park Rules

All sites have rules to prevent the actions of a few spoiling the enjoyment of the many, to ensure that facilities, amenities and property are not abused or damaged, and above all to ensure the safety of everyone. We ask all our visitors and guests to abide by them.

  • Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted. Barbeques are allowed only if kept off the grass and provided appropriate safety precautions are taken.
  • Rubbish: Rubbish must be disposed of in the correct bins provided - GENERAL (domestic waste only) or RECYCLING (paper and cardboard only). Refuse must not be disposed of in the woodland area or around trees.
  • Ball Games: No ball games (football, cricket, tennis etc) are allowed in the main camping fields.
  • Driving Speed: A 5mph speed restriction applies throughout the Park. Please DO NOT SPEED.
  • Bicycles: Bikes permitted when used responsibly on the roadways.
  • Motors: The use of mini Quad-bikes and motorised bikes and scooters is strictly forbidden everywhere in the Park.
  • Generators: No generators are allowed.
  • Commercial Vans & Trucks: Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the Camping Park unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Management.
  • Group Bookings: It is the policy of Lordine Court not to accept bookings from groups which may be classed as 'hen' or 'stag' groups. We do not allow group bookings unless pre-booked.
  • Swimming: Charges and certain rules apply to the use of the swimming pool. Please check with Reception.
  • Dogs: All dogs must be on a lead, accompanied by an adult and kept under control at all times whilst on the site. Any dog mess must be cleared up immediately. Children on their own may not walk dogs.
  • Clothes Lines: No clothes lines are permitted throughout the Park.
  • Trading: Trading is not allowed in the park other than by those authorised to so so by the management.
  • Music & noise: No musical instruments or music may be played at night between 11:00pm and 7:30am. Creating other loud noise is also forbidden after 11:00pm.
  • Damage & nuisance: We will not tolerate the causing of any damage or the creating of annoyance to other visitors, campers and caravan owners.
  • Nuisance: Anyone causing a nuisance should be reported to reception or a member of staff and we will endeavour to resolve the problem.
    Persons continually causing a nuisance to others will be evicted from the site without a refund.

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